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A video-selfie campaign launches today calling on supermarkets to introduce a plastic free aisle in their shops. The campaign group A Plastic Planet is asking the public to film themselves on their phones and post the footage on its website.

Your 15 seconds

Their 15 seconds of fame needs to include an admission that they are a plastic addict but are ready for change and a demand that retailers introduce a plastic-free aisle in their outlets.

This would stock food packaged only in biodegradable materials.

The campaign hopes to gather 1 million videos to take to the chief executives of big supermarket chains such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

“This campaign is about giving us choice; the choice to buy food without plastic. We can buy gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free. But we cant buy plastic-free. We want to work together with supermarkets to give their customers that choice,” said Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Addict.

If successful, the campaign could make a significant contribution to tackling an ocean pollution crisis that is so bad the weight of plastic in the sea is expected to be heavier than the weight of fish. Once there the plastic gradually disintegrates into fragments that can cause huge harm to marine wildlife, choking, poisoning and bloating them to death in their thousands every year.

The campaign is backed by the actor Dominic Cooper, who appeared in films The History Boys and Starter for Ten.

“This campaign is not about blame or guilt. We are all addicted to plastic. But now we are realising the damage plastic is doing to our planet and potentially to our own health, we know we all need to change,” said Ms Sutherland.

“But just try to ween yourself off this addiction and you soon realise just how hard it is. Almost everything in our supermarkets is covered in plastic,” she said.

The academics Professor Bob Marsh from the National Oceanograph Centre, Professor Steve Evans, from Cambridge University and Professor Frank Kelly, Professor of Environmental Health, at King’s College, London, have also thrown their weight behind the project.

How it works:

Participants should record themselves on their phones saying: “My name is…[first name]…I’m a plastic addict but I’m ready to change. I want a plastic free isle” and upload it to the campaign website at or email it to

The viral video campaign will use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to spread the message with participants asked to nominate three friends when they post their videos on social media.

On twitter, this might read something like: ‘I’ve made a #PlasticAddict confession. I nominate @BawdenTom @xx @xx A video wall of #PlasticAddict confessions will show all the video selfies posted on the site.


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