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A new still from Stratton for you:

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Update: Another still for you:

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A new poster for Stratton has been added to the gallery. View it below.

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In France it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from 3rd May. Hopefully we’ll get more dates for other countries soon.

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No official release date yet

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Dominic did an interview with The Times Newspaper. I’ve scanned in the pages so you can view them in the gallery.

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Someone has uploaded a couple of short videos of Dominic shooting a scene for Stratton. Watch them below.

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After enduring a heatwave in Italy, torrential rains in the UK and a near-miss with some deadly green algae in London, shooting wrapped last week on Dominic Cooper-starrer Stratton. The action thriller is helmed by Simon West and based on the series of novels by ex-SBS agent Duncan Falconer. The film originally had Henry Cavill starring and producing; he later exited and Cooper came on board what West says is a movie with franchise potential and the chance to build another British hero.

Cooper plays John Stratton, an operative of the SBS (Special Boat Squadron), a division of MI5. Austin Stowell co-stars as his U.S. counterpart, a Navy SEAL who teams with Stratton to combat an international terrorist.

West tells me he’d been looking for a new British action hero when the project rolled around. “We’ve got Bond, who’s an institution. But we don’t have anyone else. I felt there was a gap for a British action hero that was an alternative to Bond. More gritty and realistic, but just as fun.”

The shoot was not a breeze, however. “We got hit with every kind of obstacle. In Italy, it was 110 degrees every day, then there were strikes at the location and when we got back to England it was monsoon rain.”

For a major action sequence, West had planned to shoot in canals by London’s Olympic Park. But just before they settled in, toxic algae was found in the water. “If we had breathed it, we all would have died, apparently,” West says. So, they picked up sticks for Canary Wharf instead. They then found themselves racing speedboats in between HSBC and Barclays banks in the heart of the financial district. “You can only do that on holidays so we don’t scare the bankers.”

Cooper, says West, did most of his own stuntwork. “I knew he was a great actor, and it’s well-proven that if you put a really good character actor in an action arena it elevates the whole thing. You just never know if they’ll be able to hold a gun or drive a car.” Cooper did all of the stunt driving, hung from a helicopter and, it turns out, was a finely practiced speedboat driver. “He was doing 50 miles an hour in tiny canals through central London,” West marvels.

The pic is produced and financed by GFM Films via Stratton Film Productions Ltd. GFM is also handling worldwide sales and shopping the film at the AFM with an eye to having it released in the late summer or early fall of 2016.

Read the article here

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Dominic Cooper will star in the European action-thriller “Stratton,” six weeks after Henry Cavill abruptly exited the project.

Simon West is directing the movie, which is based on the first of a series of eight novels by Duncan Falconer. It follows a Special Boat Service operative who’s tracking down an international terrorist cell through Central Asia, mainland Europe and London.

Cavill pulled out of “Stratton” on May 26, five days before shooting was to begin, due to “creative differences” on the script.

Cooper’s credits include “Mamma Mia!,” “Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Dracula Untold.”

Gemma Chan, Austin Stowell (“Whiplash”), Tyler Hoechlin and Tom Felton also star in the film, which starts shooting next week in Italy before moving to Rome and London. Thomas Kretschmann, Derek Jacobi, Connie Nielsen and Jake Fairbrother have been cast in supporting roles.

“Dominic Cooper’s talent, versatility and his originality as an actor provide the perfect fit for what will be an entirely fresh and memorable action hero,” West said.

GFM Films’ Guy Collins said, “It has been exceptionally hectic over the last five to six weeks” to restructure the film.

Collins noted that several key distributors have stood by the film since Cavill left, adding that Square One acquired German-speaking territories last week.

“Stratton” is a GFM Films production through Stratton Film Productions, financially supported by Swiss Corporation Halston, U.K.-based White & Company Chartered Accountants and Ober Private Clients Limited. Producers are Ileen Maisel, Lawrence Elman and Matthew Jenkins.


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