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The BBC has added an interview with Dominic talking about The Escapist and a short clip from the film. The clips can also be downloaded from the new video archive, which also now has various other clips from Dominic’s other projects, so go take a look!

42 images from the History Boys press conference including HQ’s have been added to the gallery.

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Dominic attended various events at the Sundance film festival yesterday to promote “The Escapist”, pictures have been added to the gallery.

  • 12 x “The Escapist” Sundance Film Festival Screening
  • 12 x “The Escapist” Sundance Film Festival Portraits
  • 8 x “The Escapist” Sundance Film Festival – Sky 360 Lounge

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    The official site for The Escapist is now online and I’ve added some stills and behind the scenes pictures to the gallery (see below). There is a new article about the film here and an interview with the director here, who had this to say about Dominic:

    “Dominic Cooper joined only days before shooting. I’d seen him in HISTORY BOYS. He came into the casting, knocked us flat with a really powerful improvisation of one of the hardest scenes in the Film to get right which is his character LACEY’S emotional and physical breakdown moments after killing a fellow convict. He was cast purely from that and managed to pull off a very tough character to play who features very heavily within the narrative and each scene but hardly says a word. He’s a natural. ”

    The following have also been added to the gallery:

  • 31 x “The History Boys” AFI US Premiere
  • 8 x “The History Boys” UK Premiere
  • 6 x BIFA Awards – Nominations
  • 6 x His Dark Materials
  • 3 x Starter for 10 Premiere
  • 3 x Factory Girl Premiere
  • 2 x Versace show at Milan Menswear Fashon Week
  • 2 x Drama Desk Awards
  • 2 x Drama Desk – Nominations

  • The Sense and Sensibility screencaps have also been replaced with better quality ones.

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    According to this article, Dom began filming a drama about Auschwitz called “God on Trial” in Glasgow yesterday which will continue for two weeks. There isn’t much other avaliable information about it at the moment other than that according to this interview with the Daily Mail from a few weeks ago, he was required to shave his head for the part. The drama will be 90 minutes long and shown on BBC 2 later in the year.

    I’ve also added the following to the gallery:

  • 12 x Versace show at Milan Menswear Fashon Week (12/1/08)
  • 2 x Teen Vogue – massive thanks to Christine for very kindly scanning these!
  • 1 x A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • 16 x History Boys play
  • 3 x History Boys New York Times Interview

  • The candids of Dominic walking in New York have also been replaced with untagged versions.

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    The site is now open! Most of the pages are up, except the ‘site’ and ‘web’ ones. I’m still working on the forum layout so that will be done fairly soon, you are welcome to join it now though. I’ve uploaded 500+ pictures (many are HQ!) into the gallery for now which includes:

  • 4 x History Boys Promos
  • 34 x Photoshoots
  • 338 x Sense and Sensibility Screencaps
  • 13 x His Dark Materials
  • and various other photoshoots, movie images and pictures from award ceremonies etc.

    If you have ANYTHING AT ALL that you don’t see here which you would like to donate, please send them along to dominiccooperonline(at), it’d be much appreciated!

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